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Obama, Uribe and the School of the Americas

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Not sure how long the “hope” machine will hold if Obama continues to be either tepid or Bush-like in his policies towards America Latina. Last night, I interviewed a woman who was crying as she described the torture, violence she her family and colleagues experienced at the hands Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe, who Obama failed to condemn after the Colombian military violated the sovereignty of Ecuador. Earlier this week, I heard union-sponsored radio ads calling Uribe’s Colombia the “most dangerous country” for workers in the world because of the thousands of workers who’ve been disappeared, jailed, tortured or killed by government-sponsored paramilitary forces trained at places like the infamous School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia.

This NACLA piece about Obama and the School of the Americas by Nicolas Kosloff merits more attention and thought:

I’ve know more than a few people killed by people trained at the School of the Americas and find Obama’s tepid response to such a nefarious institution disappointing at best (see pic below of Salvadoran priests killed by paramilitaries-and militaries-trained at the School of the Americas).

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The accumulation of centrist and often dangerous mainstream positions we’re tacitly being asked to stay mum about now runneth over. Ignoring or enabling terrorists of the state kind inspires little real “hope” and actually merits a condemnation as forceful as that against those enabling terrorists who lack the officialist facade masking state violence. Obama must condemn state terrorists too.

If any of you on this list have his ear or that of his Latin America advisors from Center for American Progress, the Pentagon and other institutions I implore you to do the right thing, the moral thing, the smart thing and get Obama to differentiate himself as the “change” candidate who strikes out against the likes of Uribe and the School of the Americas.