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Electoral Observers Denounce Mysterious Presence of Over 150 Buses On Eve of El Salvador Election

March 15, 2009

This just in from the election observer mission of several US groups, including the National Lawyers Guild, Salvadoran American National Network, CASA de Maryland, Wesley United Methodist Church among others. Please visit the group’s blog for more and regularly updated information.


San Salvador- Around 9pm on Saturday March 14, 2009, just hours before the presidential election in El Salvador, a group of electoral observers, including international electoral observers from the United States, noticed a group of over 150 suspicious buses that were just parked at the Cuscatlán Stadium in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Reports from the nearby community assured the presence of foreigners coming into the country in those buses to illegally cast votes in the upcoming heated Salvadorian presidential election taking place on Sunday March 15, 2009. In response, international electoral observers have decided to stay in the surrounding areas of the stadium, and other key places, throughout the night to monitor the suspicious activity.

It is our hope that our presence as International Observers helps diminish the likelihood of political intimidation, electoral fraud and violence during the important elections. We are committed to reporting our observations at all times.

Among the members of our group of International Electoral Observers from the United States are: The U.S. National Lawyers Guild, County Councilmember George Levanthal from Montgomery County, Maryland; Salvadorian American National Association; CASA de Maryland; Manuel Zapata Olivella Center for Education and Human Development in Washington, DC; Wesley United Methodist Church in Washington, DC; the Matea Group in the Washington, DC region; among many more.