Our Purpose

Of América is born of belonging.

Like barbarians in our own land, many of us are daily bombarded with the message of multiple Lords: “You’re on the wrong side of the Walls of Civilization. You don’t belong”. If you’re tired, hungry, feeling overly huddled or simply yearning to breathe free of this video game of a “civilization”, please consider this your camp , a place to think & share, plot & play as we celebrate that we are indeed barbarians, those bearing the mark of Original Borderlessness. As we discuss and debate current events and issues like immigration, race, national security and culture, together we will dream atop the rubble & ruins of the City on a Hill, a mythical City that the fearful and feeble-minded believe is not part Of América, land of loving barbarians who belong.

That said, the time has come for you to decide: either go back behind the withering Walls of “civilization” and wait for us at the gates or press here and be born again by dancing to a barbarian war chant, sung in barbarian languages to the barbarian beats of late truly great barbaro, Ray Barreto. Welcome and enjoy!

One Response to “Our Purpose”

  1. rene Says:

    este mensaje es para roberto lovato,felicitarlo por todo lo que hace por los hemanos inmigrantes,y bueno roberto me gustaria que furas un vocero de todos no importa lo que nos suceda pero sabemos que todos venimos a este gran pais de los estados unidos a superarnos,y ser parte de esta nacion pero creo que nadie tiene el derecho de ROBAR el trabajo que uno hace,el hecho que existan grandes companias para manipular a muchos medios de comunicacion,sobre una nota de gran importancia,no la quieran hacer creo que el medio de noticias es un medio parcial,y no tapar a los ladrones sinverguenzas que se aprovechan de nuestro trabajo,te invito a que mires esto roberto lovato buscalo en youtube (los mojados del norte vs universal)
    espero un dia recibir noticias tuyas y puedas ayudarme a luchar en contra de los ladrones sinceramente RENE Y LOS MOJADOS DEL NORTE http://www.myspace.com/losmojadosdelacumbia

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