For Lulu: You Get What You Pay for in Venezuela-and Online

March 14, 2014

“Lulu,” one of many supporters of the Venezuelan opposition, recently tweeted complaints about my article titled “Fauxccupy: The Selling and Buying of the Venezuelan Opposition,” an article about how the Guy Fawkes masked worn by many youths of the opposition seems odd in a social movement led by millionaires and made up of middle to upper income people in a largely poor country. More specifically, Lulu challenged me about the vendor of the masks pictured here:

fauxccupy v

Curiously, Lulu questioned whether I’d even spoken to the woman and her life, while at the same time generously offering to host me in her (Lulu’s) home. The mix of her sincerity and the kind gesture informed my response, something I don’t bother to give most online right wing Venezuelan trolls whose invective and propagandistic repetition doesn’t even inspire a fart for an answer to one of her questions about the woman in the pic:

lulu ilulu ii

Not being able to tweet the pics I took bc they were too big, I am answering Lulu here by saying yes, I did interview her and she had a lot to say about a lot of things, including her poverty and what she thought of the middle to upper class, mostly white people protesting and buying the Guy Fawkes masks that most poor people “couldn’t afford and didn’t want them.” And she also had some choice words and body language for them…(expletives deleted)

altamira ii

(Fotos by Roberto Lovato)

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