Stilling Words for Turbulent Times From Julia de Burgos

August 15, 2013
Reading the feral poetry of  Julia de Burgos, delving with her into the wide world of her courage, I’m obligated to reverberate. She writes of water and stills the soul like the calmest river; She sings to Love as if snatching our breath.The audacity and honesty of poems like “A Julia de Burgos” reminds me of who and how we are or aspire to be, with wonderful words like these:

Tú eres como tu mundo, egoísta;
yo no; que en todo me lo juego a ser lo que soy yo.

Written during a turbulent time in Puerto Rican & global history, De Burgos’s poem overflows with wisdom to face the turbulence of our own times. She reminds us, for example, of how, In order to rescue Hope, the severely ravaged, always necessary fount of any real and lasting change, we must of necessity heal our society, heal our selves. The rape of the soul , the radical global ambition of the absolute lie perpetrated by the extraordinarily powerful forces masked by trillion dollar machinery of “Hope” we face has no historical precedent.
Good news is this: if you can find the solace and social solution to confront & defeat the Falsity Within, you are or will be, in historical terms, quite the Bad Ass, a Julia De Burgos of your own turbulent times. And the world desperately needs the baddest bad asses in our bad selves right about now.

Gracias por recordarnos, Julia.

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