Obama, NSA’s Crisis Giving Rise to Renewed (and Rescued) Hope

June 9, 2013


In case you hadn’t heard: in an age in which so much of our productive, political and personal life is mediated by information networks, the cause of human freedom now has a direct & irreversible relationship to the free flow of information across these networks. If you feel an inexplicably warm and fuzzy feeling about what’s happening as Obama’s NSA crisis evolves, let it flow. Don’t shut it down, don’t keep listening to the comforting lies of the elected, bought and unelected killers of Real Hope.

Besides signaling profound societal shifts and possible threats, this tickle of astonishment and wonder might also be the battered, silenced, but still vital voice of Possibility in you. We have nothing to lose but the isolation, despair and powerlessness designed for us by the Killers of Hope.

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