“Get Used to it”: How Obama & Allies Are Trying to Avoid NSA Scandal Becoming Watergate-Level Crisis of Democracy (or Bigger)

June 7, 2013

king threat

These are the kinds of messages & tactics that (some) corporate media, Obama allies (including some Republicans) & government are using to spin & divert in order to avoid having revelations of Obama’s massive spying network becoming a Watergate (or bigger)-sized crisis of government:

– making light, making jokes (i.e. playing James Bond music, laughing, smiling during reports on spying)

–  saying “this has been going on for years” – in other words, “not a big deal”

– “get used to it”, “get over it” (many headlines with these messages in Slate, Mashable and on TV networks

– launching a war, putting the country on war footing, including a cyberwar

blame the Chinese. Say they’re for stealing state and corporate secrets (as if the U.S. government has not, does not spy massively around the world)

-create a false dichotomy, create a “tradeoff” between “privacy” and “security”

-Use the power of government to create government diversions

– repeating “this is legal” message through Congress and other messengers like Dianne Feinstein

– attack NY Times and other media trying to call this crisis for what it is: a massive crisis and opportunity to turn back the unfettered power of the security state in our midst.

-attack the messenger – Glenn Greenwald and others

– play up other sensational stories that take up space this unprecedentedly huge story merits

– continue the massive distraction from world and domestic events that is daily life in the U.S.

-anything but tell the people that their privacy has been destroyed, that they are at risk of serious anomalies destroying their reputations, livelihood and lives, that the government is pacifying the populace for coming repression

One Response to ““Get Used to it”: How Obama & Allies Are Trying to Avoid NSA Scandal Becoming Watergate-Level Crisis of Democracy (or Bigger)”

  1. Jessica Burde Says:

    I’m not happy about the privacy invasion, and would love to see a real change in this invasive practice. That said, when Republican media is using a policy started by a Republican president (and that they supported when put in place) to thump a Democratic president… well, let’s just see I don’ see what that this is a big deal NOW when it wasn’t 10 years ago. Or were people just panic-stupid right after 9/11, and willing to give the government anything for protection, and now in hindsight are seeing what we gave up and blaming anything and anyone but our own stupidity?

    I’m fairly disgusted with Obama and look forward more and more each day to his term being up. But there are plenty of things he deserves thumping over more than this, so I’d like to see a focus on getting the policy overturned without the partisan politics.

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