The White House Wants “Immigration Stories” When It Already Has Plenty

May 8, 2013


White House want “immigration stories,” Why are they asking, when they already have a huge cache of stories, stories of soon-to-be 2 million dreams destroyed by ICE,


400,000+ stories of butterflies sexually & psychologically abused and fed rotten bologna while languishing in immigrant prisons,


stories of people with heavenly dreams pushed by desperation and Obama’s drones and policies to die alone in the driest desert and then stored like so much meat in morgues that smell of hell


stories of murders covered up by the Border Patrol that, thanks to bi-partisan “Comprehensive Immigration Reform is on the books to get billion$ more to beat and stomp and kill and shoot even more innocent people with impunity.


So, the White House doesn’t need “immigrant stories.” It has plenty of immigrant stories; It helps create them every single day of immigrant life. Every single hour of every single day…

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