On the Imminent Danger of Anybody-But-a-Republican(ism)

December 16, 2011

Does anybody remember “Anybody but Bush” (or “Anyone-but-Bush)? As we ramp up into the next election cycle, many are beginning to rally around the “Anybody-but-a Republican” flag, and as we do so amidst an epic mix of multiple and intertwined and uncharted crises, some of us are asking ‘What did Anybody-but-Bushism get us?’

A quick review reveals that it got us such “progressive victories” as 3 wars, the deportation of 1 million migrants, the secret transfer of $7.7 TRILLION in loans to failed banks, the shredding of the US Constitution, a sharp acceleration of the police state-militarization within the US borders,not to mention a continuation of many of the worst policies of the Bush era.

War, militarism, anti-immigrant policies, enabling corporate greed and corporate domination of our lives, destroying basic rights,building a police state-this is the essence of Bushism, Republicanism and other isms that constitute the worst of our time. Obama did not just “inherit” these failed Bush policies; He’s expanding and perfecting them to protect the citizens that selected Bush and “elected” Obama, corporate citizens.

There’s no better foreshadowing of the perceived need of the 1% minority to close ranks and “protect” their interests from the 99% majority than Obama’s shocking reversal of his stated intention to veto the  defense bill authorizing for the first time in US history, the possibility and likelihood of the secret and indefinite detention of US citizens on US soil.

Already, recent developments in England may preview the ways in which the same federal and local authorities trying to destroy Occupy Wall Street will start the process of morphing an Occupy rally or action into a “belligerent act” of “terrorism” resulting in the swift arrest and disappearance of US citizens by the Pentagon.

In the face of the “disaster” and drastic crisis of civil liberties we face, it’s important to consider how, in our desperation to defeat Bush, we may have created the very conditions for the distortion or even the destruction of the enterprise of “Hope.” Beware: the election year siren’s song of “Anybody-but-a Republican”ism is beginning anew, and ringing louder than the sound cannons at an Occupy rally.

Before the breathtakingly “dangerous” announcement of measures that will, in the words of Human Rights Watch (HRW) President Ken Roth, turn Obama into “the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in US law,” (Roth and HRW also called Obama’s decision a “A Historic Tragedy for Rights“), we should interrogate and undertand the imminent danger posed by Anybody-but-a-Republican(ism); Doing so is urgent, especially when consider that constitutional law professor Obama’s savaging of the Constitution reflects how national and global elites are feverishly preparing for the serious possibility of the Great Depression signalled by International Monetary Fund President Christine Lagarde’s rather stunning statement that our current global economic situation resembles “exactly the description of what happened in the 1930s, and what followed is not something we are looking forward to.”

As should be obvious to all but the “party faithful”, Obama, the”leader of the free world” and the 1%er interests that define him are doing in the US what more nakedly repressive “leaders” and 1%ers across the planet are doing:  preparing,arming themselves legally, politically (i.e. the Obama deception) and militarily (as in arming against your own citizenry ala Egypt, Greece, Chile, India, China, Mexico, Russia, ad infinitum) for the crisis that looms, the crisis that Obama and other global corporate and military elite know is coming much better and far deeper than the rest of us do.

Given this situation, we must look soberly at whatever value is left in our degraded vote, our increasingly hollowed-out citizenship after the  unholy alliance of corporations, the Supreme Court, the corporate media and other powers ate them. For what little it’s worth (i.e. the vote of corporate citizens matters billion$ more than yours) your vote should be backed up by a moral force greater, a justification smarter than the new Anybody-but-Bushism: “voting for the lesser of two evils.”

If that’s all you’re basing your vote on, then maybe you need a break from living in that 1%er-ruled electoral sewer  and should instead try climbing up and marching onto the dignity of the streets, meeting people, organizing people, Occupying, and, most importantly, looking for less polluted political horizons as if your , our future depends on it-because it does.

Those horizons are there if you allow yourself to end the  indignity of forcing your wild mind and big heart into the solitary political confinement controlled by corporate overseers; the indignity of a mental dungeon that tortures you by making you lie to yourself, forcing you to repeat mantra-like the words “the second term will be better,”; the indignity that reduces you to creating fantastic, mythological excuses for why Obama is not heralding a newer, friendlier-faced equivalent-or worsening- of the very policy evils you fear and loath in Republicans.

Hope is still there-if you put your mind and heart to work without ceasing to find them beyond your current political horizons. Seek and ye shall find…

3 Responses to “On the Imminent Danger of Anybody-But-a-Republican(ism)”

  1. Terri Williams Says:

    When will we realize we don’t need money? Get rid of money and then we can start to have a fairer, more just world. Money only creates greed. All anyone should need in this life to get by is a talent and we all have a talent that is serviceable. It is not money that should make a person more valuable, but the quality of their character. MONEY is the root of all GREED.

    If you want the world to change, take your money from the banks. Money is the blood only of corporations. Since our duly elected law-makers are so susceptible to the greed of corporations and their own, by removing our money from their banks, the heart and soul of any corporation, we can remove the need for money. Money is not the resource we need to foster. We need to cultivate the greatest of all resources on Earth, the Human Will and learn to share responsibly the resources provided to us and to care for those resources.

    Unless we bring corporations to their knees and annihilate them, we will not serve the best interests of the living. We will only allow the unliving Corps of the world to continue ravaging every resource available for life until it is ALL GONE. Take your money from the banks. Kill the Corps and let life live.

  2. You know,I almost in total agreement with your observations on such pressing issues such as corruption and real transparency in government,corporate electoral abuse,the wholesale systematic subversion of real Democracy by Corporations and the Corporate State..etc etc..

    I think you are right on the mark.I admire and congratulate you on your objectivity.We need many more Latinos like you in the struggle for freedom.

    However,I believe that the real problem which so many Latino progressive,radical and critical thinkers face is not so much in sharing similar kindred perspectives ideas and analysis on many of these issues,but rather on COMMUNICATING these highly complex concepts to the vast majority of Latinos who are IMHO at this time mostly backwards,uneducated,ignorant,naive and gullible.

    The Obama Team are masters of operating on two levels one complex and pernicious the other simple where they deftly and cleverly peddle demagoguery,lies,half-lies,clever distortions and deception,carrot-and-stick pandering…simple lies,simple pandering for simple minds..they are pros at this confidence game…this shell game.

    This is the truly incredible power they have over Latinos,this is the only way in which they can operate successfully-in the darkness and shadows where truth and honesty can be manipulated and blurred with malicious and evil intent.
    This is the MO of the Obama administration and once again we see them gearing up in full force with more of the same for election 2012.

    I have no illusions.I know It will be extremely difficult to reach Latino hearts and minds on a complex level of understanding,to counter devious,false and misleading Obama propaganda,which has the advantage of a certain corrupt freedom to lie without compunction or moral values.It is easy to lie and cheat people when you have no scruples or conscience to hold you back.It is much more difficult to tell people who are in denial things truths that may be inconvenient or uncomfortable.But it must be done.

    That it is why Latino intellectuals,honest progressives,critical thinkers must create an opposition force to counter Team Obama’s fusion center propaganda.
    machine,which is funded with millions of dollars and has thousands of internet forum,social networking,Twitter,operatives who are there to inundate and spread pro-Obama propaganda over the internet in order to win re-election in 2012.

    Make no doubt about it 2012 will be one interesting year for all of us,and I am tempted to characterize our collective struggle for truth as one of Team Obama vs Truth tellers as “David vs Goliath”…

  3. A Lamb Says:

    @ Terri. It’s important to remember, money is not the problem. Money is simply a promise, a promise that what you buy and exchange for services is equivalent to other goods and services as determined by market demand. What IS evil is the amassing of those goods and services to the detriment of others. Money is the lube of the economy, it makes the gears go round. What is wrong is the people wanting to control the entire machine, the input, the gears and the output. What is happening in this world, is that everyone want’s more than they need. It is the essence of capitalistic happiness and fulfillment. And the most successful, by this standard, are the ones who are able to control the means of production, what’s produced and the desire of others to want the same. That is the inherent greed. Don’t blame the money, they are inanimate objects, and in most senses worthless only excepted (accepted?) to those who find them valuable. It’s the same difference that Monopoly money is worthless, unless you are trying to win the game of Monopoly. Taking your money from the banks doesn’t do what you intend, because the money is still there. All your doing is taking the means by which those banks can loan that money to other people, or buy commodities that actually make your “bank” dollars worth something. I certainly don’t want to go back to bartering as lugging around two cows, 14 chickens and the promise to do work for someone is much more difficult and complicated than dollars or digital numbers to buy, say a refrigerator that I need to store the food I produce. Money is not the problem, but like you said, greed very much is. Like the value of a gold plated toilet… Who needs a gold plated toilet when all you do is defecate in the thing? What is the value of diamonds around some lady’s neck whom we care nothing for or how she looks, compared to the very real value of diamonds in production means? What is the value of a large mansion that only a family of five lives in, when a small community could live in it? What is the value of an empty lot, laying in waste, the owner waiting for the right buyer to build a building that will house nothing but thieves and harlots? What is the value of that same lot, that is turned into a multi-tiered agricultural plot that can be used to feed our children or educate the greater public to grow their own food in innovative ways. The root of all money and commodities is energy. The root of all our energy is either the stored hydrocarbons buried in the Earth, or the raw materials grown from the soil, harnessing photonic energy through photosynthesis, or wind-power or solar-voltaics etc. What moredo people need but clean air and water, fertile soil and the sweat of our brows to buold our homes, and feed our bellies? What more than communities to find our mates, grow our families and repeat the whole process over generation to generation? When people go beyond what they need to survive, along with failure to communicate, we have what we have here today. But how can you logically and if necessary forcefully reign in people’s desire to live like Kings? You can’t. Ask Russia. China will hit their growth plateau as well, and much faster than the United States it would seem. And since they own half of the US now, that puts us in a precarious situation when they demand collection and return of wealth. Wealth that is our land, our resources and our servitude… not our money. The only way you are going to bring corporations to their knees, is by not buying their products, asking for their services, or borrowing their money, and convincing everyone you know, and everyone you don’t, to do the same. It goes the same for our “elected” officials. The only way you are going to bring them to their knees is uniting groups with voices that are worth more than their dollar’s voices, and occupying their seats of power. To that, I wish you luck. AS for me? I am going to lay low, watch western civilization collapse, and offer hope and opportunity to those who wish to learn to simply live, so long as they play by the rules established by billions of years of evolution. Survival of the fittest was not one of those rules. Cooperation is the key to this game. I don’t like the term commune, or communist… I prefer community and cooperativist (cooperative community), and it would be nice if it was on a global scale. And accomplish only what is needed and garner wealth only up to the ends necessary. Any wealth beyond that, should go back to enriching the system, to make it stable, sustainable and productive beyond measure or compare. We have a long road a head of us. I am thinking about 2000 years or so.

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