Of América on Hiatus

October 11, 2009

Dear Friends and Readers,

as you may have noted, we’ve not been posting here for some weeks. The reason for this hiatus is that we have joined Presente.org in its bastadobbs campaign, which seeks to improve the quality and transparency of what we see and hear about Latinos in the mainstream media. We’re taking this break because Lou Dobbs is nothing less than the Most Dangerous Man for Latinos in América.

Taking on CNN, getting them to do the right thing by ending Dobbs’ hate speech disguised as “news” requires much time and considerable effort. I promise to return to the work you come here to see and hear as soon as is humanly possible. I hope and expect that our first post will be about CNN’s decision to dump Dobbs. Thanks and be well.


3 Responses to “Of América on Hiatus”

  1. Kevin Says:

    While I hope and believe that a solution can be found to the overall immigration crisis in the United States, It is becoming clear that, as long as the banks and big corporate america are left out of the debate, a solution will not be forthcoming. It is true that all americans in one form or another are profiting from illegal immigration, but corporate and banking interests are using this issue to profit and divide us. With the illegal immigration issue and other hot button issues swept along by a compliant news media, they happily and effectively engineer a wedge between all americans, while hocking their cheap imported wares to us with great energy and enthusiasm.

  2. Lisa Havens Says:

    Mr Roberto Lovato,

    I do not watch Lou Dobbs on TV. I support legal immigration. My mother’s family had a sponser when they came to this country. Altough my aunts and uncle became US citizens, my grandparents did not. They could not speak English. My aunts worked as servants. My grandparents were farm workers. They saved to buy a small farm with an old rotten log cabin on it. No water, no electric,no bathroom. They did not own a car. They had to clear the land and build fences. All food was grown and caned. Grandma baked bread and churned butter. Grandpa grew grapes and made wine. My mother did not know that they were poor. She had no toys. She went barefoot all summer. Shoes were worn only in winter. All worked but were happy on the farm. When she was 9 her father died. mother managed to raise herself and graduated from highschool. She had a long walk to school everyday. A 3 room school with an outhouse.
    My Uncle left school in 8th grade. Up at 4 am to work for a small meat packing business. Home in the evening to work on the farm. He worked well into this 70’s. He had no pension. He worked hard and saved his money. Other family members have similiar stories.
    They did not enter this country illegally. After applying for a visa, they waited there turn. A sponser signed for them. The US government required assurance that they would not become a burden,after a reasonable period of time if still unemployed they would have to leave this country. The sponser offered temporary support. helping them find work. Church members took them shopping since they could not speak english.
    Every Country has immigration laws. I would never think of entering another country illegally. I have respect for law and order. The only reason I can think of for breaking the law would be for political asylum.
    Because a person speaks out against illegal immigration does not mean they hate people from other countries. People are welcomed but laws must be enforced.
    I have been reading the comments concerning Lou Dobbs. I consider them very hateful and bigoted. Each of us are responsible for our actions and behavior toward others.We are to love others as ourself. We are not to hurt or harm anyone.
    Is Lou Dobbs really dangerous? This sounds like hatefeul rethoric from Rules for Radicals. if so, I find this very disturbing. Someone fired a shot outside his house and threatened him and his family. That was despictable and immoral.
    We may disagree with someone and express our opinion, as long as it is done in a peaceful and respectable manner. Making threats and behaving like bullies is never acceptable. Iam confused, just who is hateful and dangerous.? We make more friends with kindness.
    Former neighbors had friends in Mexico.They would travel back and forth I remember one summer a very nice young lady visited. She did not speak english, but we all had a very fun time together at the county fair.
    We have relatives in texas. Infact my cousin’s son worked ina mexican resturant owned by his Mexican friend’s father. He also worked one summer in the fields picking beans to earn money for school. So did my cousin’s daughter.
    Remember we are all created equal. None of us is above the law.
    Sincerely, Lisa

  3. Genaro Says:

    Estimado Roberto:
    Ayer hablé con Natalie y me dio tu celular en NY. Me encantaría tomar un café contigo para que me platiques sobre tus proyectos. Yo estudio acá en NY, pero escribo un blog para el diario El Universal de México y escribo ahí también en la edición impresa artículos de opinión. Justamente hoy escribí en mi blog sobre la salida de Dobbs y el éxito de presente.org. Te dejo aquí la liga para que lo veas.
    Saludos y muchas felicidades por tu activismo.

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