Latin América’s Neda: Video of Killing of Isis Oved Murillo

July 6, 2009

The parallels -mass protest against military governments, military killing non-English-speaking millenials, worldwide denunciation-could not be greater. But the differences between coverage and official treatment here in the U.S. of the situation in Iran and the situation in Honduras couldn’t be starker. Why? I am working through a piece on this for later. In the meantime, check out this video and see for yourself what most U.S. media and many elected officials in the U.S. are mum about (Warning: this video is extremely graphic, gut wrenchingly so):

12 Responses to “Latin América’s Neda: Video of Killing of Isis Oved Murillo”

  1. Eric Says:

    This is tragic… the boy was 19 years and is the only confirmed death in Honduras over the past week.

    The newspapers in Honduras have all circulated these pictures… ( including La Prensa, El Heraldo and Tiempo all which are in favor of the new government… )
    its tragic… but the blood falls on the hands of Mel Zelaya…as he was warned by many heads of state and the Honduras Catholic church to avoid making a political show of trying to return to the country.

    Mel Zelaya was asking his supporters to break through the airfield and await his arrival. Sadly this boy was shot and lost his life.

    The attorneys are investigating the incident and Ramon Custido the head of Human Rights in Honduras says that it appears that the military did not fire on this boy… this remains to be seen.

    However.. the airport is a military installation and the protestors were throwing objects at the military and police on the runway that probably escalated the incident. its clear that the people attempted to break the fence and storm the airfield…

    • robvato Says:

      Neda was one of the few deaths in Iran. I hope you’re writing Iranians and defending the current regime there, which , like the Honduran military coup, is being universally condemned (inside and outside honduras) and subjected to sanctions and other measures. You must feel lonely defending military dictators, thugs, corrupt right wing politicians and the rich in so spectacularly poor a place as Honduras. Good luck, Loner. R

  2. Eric Says:

    I cant comment on the issues in Iran and i have no position or even balance information to make a case.

    I dont feel lonely here in Honduras… I am probably supported with about 70-80% of the population here.

    I dont know why you keep informing about military dictators… etc….when Honduras Congress has been working the whole time and no military leaders ever took the position of power. Supreme Courts and the majority of the government positions have remained the same and always been in power…

    Im an expat… my wife is from Honduras. She is a liberal party member…. and while she does not back Mel Zelayas actions that caused this conflict……..she is opposed to the way the President sent off to Costa Rica instead of standing trial.

    • robvato Says:

      Please name a SINGLE government, just one that even recognizes this illegitimate government you so passionately defend. Name an international body that supports the coup; Name someone besides you, your wife and right wingers who back this global pariah government. And, if you fail to do so, then I suggest you might want to save whatever’s left of your reputation for supporting a military coup sponsored by militarists killing kids, chasing opposition candidates in their homes. Yes, you’re not the only person who tries to speak for Honduras. I’ve spoken with legislators and opposition civil society members who are terrorized by this right wing pariah government you seem to be the only one defending. So, don’t try to act like you have any moral authority to speak for anyone but yourself and the right wing interests & military you support. Other Hondurenos are speaking out against what you stand for, others in Honduras and in protests in Washington, New York, Mexico, Los Angeles and other cities and countries throughout the world are denouncing that tiny, but powerful minority. You’re right: it’s not just the military, but the right wing interests that try but fail to provide a thin facade of legitimacy to plunder and murder. Come back when you speak for someone besides those interests.

  3. Eric Says:

    what happened to my last post? censorship?

    Hows is the right wing involved if the Liberal Party holds the majority of seats in Congress? Over 60 seats in a 128 seat Congress…?

    How is the right wing involved if the Supreme Court are judges voted by the liberal majority congress??

    Just wondering….

    What party is Micheletti from?

    Who is this military dictator you speak of.?

  4. Don Famoso Says:

    I am not going to be so nice as the other gentleman. There are some articles circulating around that Mr. Boss has a hit out on him by one of the Mafia families. So its clear Mr. Sir you that you and your comfidants are no longer safe any where. I suggest you pack your bags and flee. Mr. Boss has a price on his head and anyone who supports his coup. This is so profound that its going into the jail systems of every prison. Good Luck My Friend. Blessing To You and Your Family.

    • Karla Says:

      I am amazed how ignorant are those supporting Zelaya. Those supporting him are supporting Chavez; a dictator. This has nothing to do with supporting right or left wings. This has to do with stopping criminals from using Honduras as a narcostate. Elections are still taking place in November. It was not a coup d’etat. The military followed the orders of the Supreme Court. Zelaya was the one that wanted to change the constitution of Honduras. He is a son of a killer. His brother is the narco-traffic. Even the human rights president and the Church are against him. It didn’t have to be that way. Chavez people were going around villages offering $500 to people so they could go protest at the airport. It is so sad that this 17 yr. old boy died in vain. Eric, you are not alone!

      To robvato,
      Taiwan and Israel do recognize the new president.

      • robvato Says:

        Wow. Two of the most repudiated governments on earth support the killers in Honduras. Glad to see you can ignore the video you’re messaging, the one where US tax dollars a re paying for that 19 year old boys brains to be spilled. Shows the kind of humanity behind the politics of people like you and the thugs in Honduras. BTW, THE WHOLE WORLD AND MANY POOR IN HONDURAS ARE AGAINST YOU, THE MILITARY THUGS, THE RICH AND THE INTERSTS YOU REPRESENT. THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! GET THE MESSAGE! JEEEZ.

  5. karla Says:

    My conscious is clean. Zelaya is Chavez’s puppet and I very very happy that Honduras has put their foot down. If you are refering to killers, you must be refering to his father. Among those that were protesting at the airport, there were Cubans and Venezuelans sent by Chavez himself. I don’t know if you have paid attention to the video but they are wearing masks and carrying sticks. The people supporting the Honduran government are showing their faces because they have NOTHING to hide. It is people like Zelaya that have for many many years kept the people of Honduras at top of the list when it comes to being one of the most corrupt and poorest countries in the world. Many Honduran people are found dead daily because they are involved in the narcotraffic. I honestly do not care what the world thinks and I am sure Honduras did either when they made their decision. They know what they stand for and that is JUSTICE. Hahahah…Zelaya has even betrayed his own party. Daddy Chavez even gave him his own credit card so he could keep his little corrupt buddies from Latin America happy. He is truely a politial thugh. The world is refusing to listen to Honduras because they have their own interests. Only time and a higher court will show what a piece of crap of a narco president this man is. I am very proud of Honduras for putting an effort in not allowing Chavez to run the nation.

    • robvato Says:

      Quite frankly, the inhumanity of those supporting right wing militarists appears to be matched only by the inability to see how isolated and silly you really sound. Pathetic politics & cheap theater, an unhappy mix. Fatal when combined with arguments not based on facts, but cheap slogans about “chavez” and other silliness. THE WHOLE WORLD REPUDIATES WHAT YOU STAND FOR!!! THE WHOLE WORLD. R

  6. Eric Says:

    Honduras may be isolated politically/dilomatically… but it continues to trade and do business with the world community. US is the largest trading partner…

    If nothing changes.. by November the intl community will recognize the national elections that take place. ( elections could be moved up earlier as a solution to the conflict)

    BTW — the father of the protestor killed….was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant for suspected murder

    170 shells were collected at the airport as a result of the ongoing investigations…

    • robvato Says:

      eric, if you don’t mind, I’d prefer that you take your lonely laments for militarists, oligarchs and fascists somewhere else as I no longer have time to respond to such garbage like the despicable, dehumanizing statement trying to legitimate political assassination with attempted character assassination. Should you decide to continue, I will likely remove it as your level of inhumanity adds nothing to serious political discussion we have here. And stop harassing me by sending me your garbage on my personal email.

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