RL Debates Blind (Literally) Immigrant Nativist Woman on BBC World… Really.

March 19, 2009


Just back from covering what may be (for personal and objective reasons) the most astonishingly transcendental political battle he may ever cover, yours truly returned to the “reality” of U.S. politics just in time to battle a different kind of adversary on the global airwaves of the BBC’s World Have Your Say show: a blind nativist immigrant woman who lives in Virginia. Really. I didn’t know who I’d be debating until we were on the air. But when I found out, I knew my appearance was doomed from the moment Hala, a blind Lebanese immigrant living in Virginia, uttered, “I’m blind and I learned English. Why can’t they (undocumented immigrants.)?” For those of you waiting to see if they’ll queue me up to get Gladiator on paraplegic octogenerian Nazis, deaf mute baby Latino skinheads and any other adversaries, another portion of the show will be broadcast at 2:30 EST

Who needs the sublime experience of overcoming 130 years of oligarchy and military dictatorship in El Salvador and other barbarian outposts when such foes and epic battles await us here in the center of “civilization?”

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