“QUE VIVA EL FMLN!” El Salvador’s Left Wins Elections, Ends 150 Years of Military-Oligarch Rule

March 16, 2009


After more than 150 years of oligarchy, military dictatorship and radical poverty, El Salvador’s former guerrillas, the FMLN, won the presidency. The picture above depicts yours truly and Mauricio Funes, President-elect. It was taken just a little while ago and I’m sending as a preview of an exclusive interview I did with El Salvador’s new Presidente. But first, I must go toast, cry and sing to this joyous moment. More later soon.


7 Responses to ““QUE VIVA EL FMLN!” El Salvador’s Left Wins Elections, Ends 150 Years of Military-Oligarch Rule”

  1. Moni Says:

    Celebrating in LA in spirit with El Pulgarcito and all who have loved and sacrificed for this moment. Que vivan Las Reinas y Reyes de la Pagina Roja! Let the healing begin. (virtual group hug to Robvato, Siris y Josue.)

    • robvato Says:

      Am here editing video with Josue and will see Siris shortly. We will return the hug -but with a giant red rose of renewed life and spirit growing at the foot of every volcan. Thought of past students, friends and future students when the significance of this swept me to the top of my favorite volcan, Chichontepeq. Un abrazo, R

  2. Edwin Argueta Says:

    Finally the lives of those who suffered and died during the war under such oppressive regimes are vindicated!

    This is what true democracy is all about, and we Salvadorans have shown the world that by “organizandonos” everything is possible.

    Gracias mil Roberto!

  3. Myrna Melgar Says:

    Thank you for documenting this for us, hermano!

  4. Edgar Perez Says:

    Hola Lovato mucho gusto en escuchar de vos y los grandes avances que hemos echos ,talves te recordas de mi era un activista de la casa el salvador FM en san francisco, hasta la victoria siempre compa,Ep

    • robvato Says:

      Gracias por tu nota Edgar. Sos el Chele Edgar o otro? Disculpa que los anios han tomado su cuota de mi memoria. R

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