Fast for Our Future: Massive Fast Seeks Justice for Immigrants

October 29, 2008

In what organizers say is one of the largest single fasts in U.S. history, over 100 people are engaging in a hunger strike to mobilize 1,000,000 people to sign their Pledge to vote and take action for immigrant rights. Seeking to “reignite” the somewhat slowed movement that brought us the largest mass mobilizations in U.S. history, fasters are currently engaged in locations across the country, with Los Angeles’ historic Plaza Olvera serving as its spiritual center.

Several friends of mine are participating and I encourage you to visit their website and sign the pledge. Though I think there need to be more such actions when the glare of the election lights dims, taking action now really is critical. Having recently interviewed some of the main movers and shakers on immigration policy, I can tell you that nobody, not the corporate-funded, DC-based Latino and immigrant rights groups, not the pols and, yes, not even Barack Obama are signalling anything except the possibility for legalization
(and recent statements by Pelosi put even that in serious question.)

None of these powerful interest are saying anything that will fundamentally alter the devastating immigration policies -and their tragic effects: thousands of raids terrorizing families and entire communities, hundreds of thousands (including families and children) jailed, thousands dead in the desert, detainees killed and dying in detention. Our silence this time around means that we too will be complicit with the Democrats and their allies. So, please do visit the Fast for Our Future site and sign the petition.

5 Responses to “Fast for Our Future: Massive Fast Seeks Justice for Immigrants”

  1. Avi Says:


    I will surely visit the website.


  2. Lisa Says:

    I’m a big fan of your blog, and I have signed the pledge.

    en la lucha,

  3. robvato Says:

    Thanks for visiting and supporting , Lisa. Hope others are follwing suit. Saludos, R

  4. I am not a Latino, but I feel deeply about the cause of immigration. This country, and the Republicans who espouse “family values” are ripping families apart, with no justification that I can see except bigotry and ignorance. I live in Oklahoma, where one of the most repressive anti-immigration laws in the country has been passed, yet I’ve not been able to find any active organization mobilized here to push back against these laws. We also imprison more women per capita than any other state. Seeing you on Bill Moyers was truly a breakthrough for me. It has seemed that no one shares my concerns for the humanity that lies beneath these issues, but you mirrored my thoughts and conscience in so many ways. I’m happy to have found your blog.

  5. Rosa M. Garcia Says:

    Finally came up for air to visit your site. Signed the pledge.


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