“The Dramatic Equivalent of the Collapse of the Soviet Union”: Historian Hobsbawm Predicts New Age of Mixed Economies

October 22, 2008


Looking for some wisdom in the funk-filled mist of the Democrat’s fog and the smog of the Republicans? If so, then please do listen to this scintillating BBC interview with one of the pre-eminent cartographers of our global past, Eric Hobsbawm.

Even when he delivers bad news (ie; , “..in the 1930’s the net political effect of the Great Depression was to strengthen the right” ..but there’s much potential good too!), 91 year-old Hobsbawm makes you feel that urgent need to dust off your history books. His often startling thoughts about such issues as the possibility of a new era of mixed economies, the “rediscovery of Marx,” and other quite relevant matters are worth the 14 minutes of your consciousness. The return on mental investment is a safer, more profitable use of your time than devaluing your mind with the inanities of many public and corporate media outlets here in the U.S., many of whom are largely concerned with reproducing the excruciatingly strained apologies for the bankrupt economic and ideological system we inhabit. So, please do check it out here.

One Response to ““The Dramatic Equivalent of the Collapse of the Soviet Union”: Historian Hobsbawm Predicts New Age of Mixed Economies”

  1. Mr Flood Says:

    The goal is not Mixed Economies, but rather one Economy. They will use this collapse to bring in a one world banking system that will institute a world government, and the United Nations will be exactly that, there will be no more local state or federal governments, there may be the appearance of it, but we are basicaly there already.

    They will start WW3 and use this to make the one world government, claiming that if there are no different governments, then there will be no more war! Just like the United Nations came into existince. It was started on the premise that they would stop the terrible wars of the future with the U.N., but now the U.N sanctions wars in countries around the world.

    Wake up people, the elite are killing you using your neighbors to do the job!

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