Overwhelming Majority of Latino Newspapers-and Their Readers- Back Obama

October 22, 2008

Hispanic Newspapers and Magazines network

In another blow to the racial-myth-making machine that brought us the Latinos-won’t-vote-for-a-black-candidate farce, the country’s Latino media have come out overwhelmingly in favor of Democrat Barack Obama. Research conducted by the Latino Print Network, a trade association of magazines and newspapers, found that

“89% of the Hispanic publications that have announced who they will be supporting in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election have come out for Obama. 68 of the publications surveyed have come out for Obama – and their combined circulation is 3.3 million. Only 8 Hispanic publications have announced for McCain, and their combined circulation is 95,854 – a mere 3% of the circulation of the publications endorsing Obama.”

Further burying the myths perpetrated by an unholy alliance – the Clinton’s, their surrogates, the GOP, academics like Duke University’s Paula D. McClain, the New Yorker, CNN and dozens of other institutional interests- is the research about the readers of these Latino papers. According to the LPN report,

“Preliminary results from the 2008 National Hispanic Readership Study have found that 57% of the readers of Hispanic newspapers who will be voting this November will be voting for Barack Obama, 7% for John McCain and 36% are still undecided or declines to state.”

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And, the report also confirms suspicions that the same immigrants who chanted “Ahorra Marchamos, Manana Votamos!” are leading us into the Era of Latino Blowback against the GOP (hopefully, they’ll get to racist Dems soon). According to the report, “Research found that only 19% of the readers surveyed were born in the U.S.”

Who would’ve figured even 6 months ago that Latinos, the racist people most of our black and white pundits told us were unwilling to vote for a black candidate, would now be poised to deliver the death blow to the Republican party in key swing states by voting for Barack Obama, the black son of an immigrant? Either somebody’s gone through a mass change of racial attitudes or some smaller group inhabiting the country’s editorial rooms needs to go through just such a turn of mind and heart.

4 Responses to “Overwhelming Majority of Latino Newspapers-and Their Readers- Back Obama”

  1. Billy Juarez Says:

    Reminds me of that movie ‘Boyz in the Hood’, when the police dumped that brother in East LA, thinking he wouldn’t make it out alive.

  2. robvato Says:

    God, I forgot about that movie. Seems like so long and far away ago. Thanks for the memories, Billy. R

  3. Personal Chef Sean Says:

    Rob and Billy…..that was Menace II Society. 🙂

    Living in Hyde Park and Marynook, on the South Side of Chicago, Obama has been a household name for many years. But, as we are a VERY segregated city, I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of Latinos who are fervent Obama supporters. My wife and I actually have a game we play when we see Obama bumper stickers. We try to guess the race of the person driving the car and most of the time they are White or Latino. It’s been very refreshing.

  4. Billy Juarez Says:

    My bad. Anyway, with that myth debunked, what do you think of KOS and his posting on Rep. Martinez of Fla.

    What is, or is there a united response on immigration?

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