Move Over Tina Fey & SNL: It’s La Pequeña Sarah Palin!

October 19, 2008

Seems that Barack Obama’s not the only U.S.political figure to move the global imagination or tickle the foreign funny bone. Check out how Sarah Palin and Tina Fey have met their match in the race to realize the comic potential of our political process. Ladies, gentlemen and all you freaks and sinners booted out of Sarah Palin’s Pentecostal church, Of América is honored to introduce you to Chile’s proud contribution to the fast-growing and exciting field of Palintology: La Pequeña Sarah Palin!

3 Responses to “Move Over Tina Fey & SNL: It’s La Pequeña Sarah Palin!”

  1. […] Other great posts now include Historiann on single payer health care, videos of Obama and McCain at the Alfred E. Smith dinner, at the Rap Up, where I saw the videos first, and Roberto Lovato on La Pequeña Sarah Palin. […]

  2. Ramón Says:


  3. Meggie Says:

    Dios mío, she has balls!!!

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