Of América Featured in PBS Documentary: Latinos ’08

October 6, 2008

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Not sure what we say or how we say it, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fit harmoniously with the Insider Latino electoral politic we’ve all come to know and loathe. Scheduled to run this Weds at 9pm on PBS stations across the country, Latinos 08 looks like it has a lot of the top members of the Latinopolitic-industrial-complex as you will note from the clip below. The 1 hour doc directed by L.A.-based filmmaker, Phillip Rodriguez, looks like it will analyze the workings of one of the most important developments of this electoral cycle: the rise of Latino political power and how it marks the beginning of the end of the black-white politic that has long defined U.S. politics. During my interview, I tried to emphasize a lot of the themes you know form this blog. Hopefully, I didn’t embarrass my family, friends and community. Though it hardly begins to undo the damage done by the Ken Burns episode, Check it out Latinos ’08 and let us know what you think.

10 Responses to “Of América Featured in PBS Documentary: Latinos ’08”

  1. Lissette Says:

    This program was absolutely disappointing and infuriating. It was disgustingly bias and unfair. How could they include interview subjects that declare themselves latino-republican and not have interview subjects that declare themselves latino-democrats. How can they spend 5 minutes adoring McCain over his McCain-Kennedy reform bill and give a 30 second skim over the fact he WOULD NO LONGER SUPPORT HIS OWN BILL!? How could they MISPELL Colombia in their graphics and be a LATINO documentary? AND to say that Obama’s “Hope” doesn’t resonate with Latinos because we already have “esperanza” was absolutely shocking. I’m so unbelievably saddened by this doc. Instead of inspiring me, it made nauseous -to say that if you’re against a wall on the border, you’re anti-latino! wow. Phillip Rodriguez, I’d be interested in talking to you.

  2. Ramón Says:

    This program was incorrectly titled: “Latinos ’08”, when a more fitting title would have been “Mexican-Americans and Some Condescension to Other Latinos ’08”, but I suppose the former was bound to draw a larger viewer base.
    It wasn’t until the 29th minute that a national group other than mexicano was mentioned, and the entire program perpetuated the ongoing EE.UU myth of the monolithic Latino bloc.
    Glaringly absent, yet again, were the faces, white, black, Asian that come under the Latino umbrella. When are we going to have meaningful documentaries with all of our faces?
    Some of the people interviewed tripped over their tongues making the Latino and “white” distinction; something that anglo-Americans truly love and coddle – the notion that we are a separate race. The interviewees totally played to that. By the 50th minute I was impatiently tapping my foot, hoping that it would end without further embarrassment to my people.
    A junior-high debate team could have done a better job. Shame!

  3. Andreas Medina-Culpepper-Galavan Says:

    What a fraud. Here I returned early from sailing to watch this PBS special and what did I endure but an adolescent, race-baiting orgy not even worthy of a high school student.

    First, when did “latino” become a race. As a White Puerto Rican of Basque, Corsican and Catalan descent living in Puerto Rico (yes, part of the US!), I can tell you that 80% of Puerto Ricans are of European descent. So, your program DID NOT speak to my reality or my racial or ethnic reference or the majority of my country.

    Your program would have been better named…”America’s Confused, Uninformed View of Illegal Mexican Indians Who Barely Speak Spanish and the American Fools Who (Don’t) Really Love Them, But Want the Votes Of Their Low-Achieving Off-Spring In The Future.

    I have sent my last dollar to PBS. Never again, until you decide to present us as we really are…in Black or White or Indigenous or Asian or even Middle Eastern. WE ARE NOT confused about this, but it is abundantly obvious that PBS and its misinformed staff are very sorely missing the FACTS of your “latino” pets. This program reached an all-time low in offensiveness and blatant stupidity and NO, it audacity was NOT camouflaged by the abundant token tacos that ran all too thankfully to dance for your camera. What a disgrace!

  4. robvato Says:

    Dancing “Token tacos”? I like the image. Reminds me of Speedy Gonzalez screaming “Arriba, arriba!” Can’t say I feel the same way about the racist sentiments it and your comments contain, though. Thanks,nonetheless for such a dazzling display of ignorance and self-hate. Good day, hater.

  5. Andreas Medina-Culpepper-Galavan Says:

    robvato, go promote YOUR racist website. cyberspace will provide many blackholes for you to hide in. what a typical gringo wannabe loser, now hurry, “Brad” is waiting for you at the latino starbucks

  6. Alex Alfonso Says:

    this film did a good job of adressing the situation. This documentary is trying to make the point that this ellection has severly dissenfanchised latino voters. The documentary explains how the rublicans and democrats have dodged adressing any issues that are relevent to latinos. Furthermore the documentary implies that if an overwellming majority of latinos do decide to vote democratic, which appears to be the case then they are likley to be even more dissenfranchised in future elections. Because the democrats will simply consider latinos as part of their base, like they did this year, and republicans will also avoid latinos because they will see the effort as futile. Just my take

  7. Hilda C. Martinez Says:

    When a viewer cannot see beyond their peripheral vision, visually, spiritually, or cerebrally, it can only mean one thing. You negative viewing viewers figure it out what it is called, especially in the very positive world you live in that sees no bias, hears no bias, or says no bias. You must be living in “el cielo.”

    It matters not your origin, your race, your ethnicity, your higher education, your money or any of those things; what matters is not being a puppet and then get that knee-jerk reaction from what you have been accoustomed to hearing from the world that wants to define Latinos.

    As a Latino(a) we are cerebral enough to know who we are, what we value, and what makes us a proud American. The longer we continue to disagree what we “should be” the longer we will never be, a viable and strong voting voice.

  8. robvato Says:

    Thanks for visiting, Hilda. Please come again and try to write something our readers understand. As “cerebral” as I’m sure you are, I can make neither heads nor tails of this post. R

  9. Hilda C. Martinez Says:

    There you go Robvato, you knee-jerked! How sad. 😦

  10. Edgar Davila Says:

    I too caught the misspelling of Colombia, seemed pretty sad. One question I have from the interview subjects of the documentary is, don’t you all know that not matter how REPUBLICAN you portray yourself to be, you will never be equal to the racist whites that make up the majority of the Republican party? I agree that we are taken for granted by the Democrats, but joining the Republican party is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. As immigrants and descendants of immigrants, we will never fully assimilate into the American, not because we don’t want to, but because we are not allowed to unless we denounce our heritage and do our best to pass for “white”. A lot have achieved it, but at what cost?

    I was born in Mexico, am a naturalized American citizen, but will never think of myself as anything other than a Mexican from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Does this mean I am anti-American? Not at all. But I am not necessarily pro-American either. I’m pretty much ambivalent when it comes to identifying with a particular nationality. I’m mostly just proud to being from Monterrey, but only because that is my birthplace and where my family still lives. I’m also proud of having grown up in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago despite our retarded Mayor Daley and his Latino gang of thugs formerly known as HDO. I identify more with my coworkers who are Indian, Vietnamese and African-American and all kinds of Euro-American than I do with the so called Chicanos of the documentary.

    Enough rambling though, have to get to work.

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