Alert: Hurricane Gustav Resources Online

August 31, 2008
Dear All,
I’m writing to plead with any and all of you to follow closely developments around Hurricane Gustav. Having witnessed firsthand the devastation of Katrina in 2005, I feel the need to share information and encourage folks to get involved in aid and other efforts. Below is a list of resources put together and developed by my friend Deanna Zandt.
— Volunteer, discuss, get updates: (Please join us!)
— Gustav info wiki (what I’m coordinating, fyi):
— Andy’s blog post:
— All kinds o’ widgets coming soon

Plus, 2.0-style news:
— Official NHC alerts:
— (slightly overwhelming) Twitter stream on Gustav:
More on this impending disaster as it develops.

One Response to “Alert: Hurricane Gustav Resources Online”

  1. Kablivi Says:

    I hope many came to the aid of the Gustav victims through your article here. Its at devastating times like these that we must put all our efforts into searching for answers to our deepest questions of “what is the meaning of all this!!!” is the place to start that search.

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