It’s Our Soverignty, Stupid: Panel on Immigration, Economic Justice and the DNC

August 28, 2008

The Nation.

If you have a moment and want to hear some stuff I’ve not written about, but am soon to release, check out this podcast of a panel organized by the Nation and the Progressive Democrats of America. The Nation’s John Nicols did a stellar job of asking the pointed political questions that allowed Bob Moser and I to tease out further that which remains largely unspoken within the confines of the DNC Matrix. If I do say so myself, we did a rather smashing job of moving the lens towards the wider angle of national and geopolitical interests and structures that are holding the strings behind the curtain of the DNC and party politics generally; You know the folks who are ringing in the era of corporate sovereignty and blaming migrants, “criminals” and anyone else for the dangerous decadence. Hope you like it!:

Click here.

2 Responses to “It’s Our Soverignty, Stupid: Panel on Immigration, Economic Justice and the DNC”

  1. Jesus Sierra (Jay) Says:

    Roberto, I’m interested as to where you stand on the current issue in San Francisco having to do with it becoming a safe haven for immigrants accused of crimes so that they are not deported once apprehended. I’m wondering if that’s just Gavin Newsome pandering to the underpriviledged in an effort to increase his constituency once he decides to run for governor. The policy have merit on its own but is it symptomatic of more politicians exploiting the issue for political gains, I wonder.

    My own thinking is that it can certainly serve to shed some light in the issue even though it may in fact provide exactly the wrong kind of press for an issue people such as yourself are trying to genuinely bring to the fore.

    I’m interested in your take….

  2. kyledeb Says:

    I like how you started out saying there are push factors that are being completely eliminated from the debate.

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