Of América Mentioned in Wall Street Journal

July 15, 2008

The Wall Street Journal Home Page

Another tell-tale sign that Of América has cozied up to Big Capital: we were mentioned in the Wall Street Journal today. But fear not my good reader; No money has followed the coverage-thus far. But stay tuned as we test something I believe Lenin said about capitalism’s ability to buy your revolution and then sell it back to you. No bidders yet. So, onward Christian and Commie soldiers! Onward!

Latino Bloggers React To Candidates’ Outreach Efforts

Ana Rivas reports on the presidential race.

Latino bloggers covering the presidential campaign reacted this week to recent efforts by both candidates with their usual spotting of simplistic stereotypes in the candidates’ outreach efforts, and with a new joint initiative that raises some tough questions — 38 to be precise.

A group of bloggers responded to Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama’s speeches to the League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Council of la Raza, with coordinated posts about a 38-point questionnaire that The Sanctuary, a pro-immigrant group, sent to the presidential candidates last month demanding answers on immigration policy issues. Neither McCain nor Obama has responded to the questionnaire.

“Some of us are learning how to filter out the rhetoric,” blogger at xicanopr.com wrote. “It is time these politicians stop the rhetoric, worrying if their answer will be spun as proof of flip-flopping.”

The purpose of the whole effort may be best summarized in Man Eegee’s post headline in “Latino Politico”: “More Than Sound bites on Immigration Reform” And KettyE discusses the candidates’ silence at Crossleft.org. “To date the candidates’ silence has been deafening,” she writes. “Is it a don’t ask/don’t tell tactic? Well if it is they should have told us sooner because we are asking.”

The group effort also highlighted how the candidates cleaned and tightened their rhetoric for their general election campaigns. In a July 9 post, on the third day of the Lulac convention, Roberto Lovato asked for “fewer ‘Si se puedes’ and more of things like ’substancia’, ‘realidad’ and ‘transparencia.’”

The use of the slogan “Si se puede” — “Yes, we can”– would probably fall within what the bloggers at Adventures of the Coconut Caucus have called “Mariachi Politics.” To illustrate the idea of a strategy based in Spanish phrases and posing for photos with Hispanic leaders, they posted a video of Sen. Edward Kennedy singing a corrido during a rally for Obama in February. In the same tone, La Bloguera, while live-blogging from the candidates’ appearances at the LULAC conference last week, noted the use of Brazilian tunes and songs from Mexican romantic singer Luis Miguel during the speakers’ presentations.

Bloggers also commented on McCain’s campaign ad “God’s Children,” released last week and targeted to Hispanic voters in western swing states. “It’s rather moving, eh?” wrote Theunapologeticmexican.org. “Especially given how lately he has been pushing the security-laser-fence-raid-detainment-punishment aspect of the issue.”

Marisa Treviño of Latina Lista said the ad was “offensive to Latinos” and that it should be banned. “Because this ad endorses the false assumption that all Latinos are recent immigrants, it unfairly sets the mindset in those Americans who aren’t familiar with Latinos, to equate all Latinos with undocumented immigrants and the problems associated with them.” Treviño and others also asked whether McCain considered that “people have to be reminded that we [Latinos] are ‘God’s children’ too?”

3 Responses to “Of América Mentioned in Wall Street Journal”

  1. XP Says:

    I was a bit surprised too. I would have thought the LA or NY Times, WaPo, but Wall Street …. looks like we are not the only ones being ignored.

  2. kyledeb Says:

    Mr. Lovato is allied with big business! jaja

    Congrats on the link.

  3. […] Also check out Man Eegee’s post on Wall Street Journal Covers Our Questionnaire. Of América also writes on the Wall Street Journal story in Of América Mentioned in Wall Street Journal. […]

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