Interview on Latino Fiction(s): McCain, Obama and “Latino Vote” Construct

July 15, 2008

This interview with Uprising Radio’s Sonali Kolhatkar touches upon the untouchable issues of the Latino politic: corporate and Pentagon underwriting of Latino events like the Presidential forums, the candidates’ silence on immigrant death and detention, the Pentagon’s desperate need to recruit Latino kids and other issues. Fellow guest, Nativo Lopez of MAPA and I dissect the many fictions that make up this idea of the “Latino vote” and do, I believe a decent, even good job. So, check it out here:

Uprising Radio Interview

One Response to “Interview on Latino Fiction(s): McCain, Obama and “Latino Vote” Construct”

  1. Ramón Says:

    I listened to the entire interview, and for the most part I was satisfied with it.
    One interesting note is the clarification that Obama’s speech, where he talks about illegal immigrants going to the back of the citizenship line, learn English, pay a fine; are standards that are already in place, and therefore he really isn’t bringing a fresh idea to the table. That’s why it’s important to be informed when listening to any politician.
    John McCain dragged out the old saw about drugs coming across the border. To that point I will continue to ask: USA, why aren’t you doing something within your society to stop drug addiction? I can’t help but get the impression that past and current administrations want to place the blame for societal ills and failures on somebody else. If you want to decrease the flow of drugs, dry up the demand. Stop looking outside of your own failings for a scapegoat.

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