Death by Detention

June 22, 2008

This video by NYC-based Breakthrough-the folks who brought you the ICED video game- should serve as another reminder of the line that distinguishes and will distinguish real immigration reformers from the false profits of immigration.

As we gear up for what will likely be a more favorable climate for immigration policy after November, such videos are most helpful in that they demarcate that line quite clearly. Given the deadly, degenerate turn in U.S. detention policy and practice, any group, including groups calling themselves “pro-immigrant”, ignoring detention issues or any group supporting legislation that worsens enforcement and detention (as in the McCain-Kennedy bill) makes themselves worthy of attack.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the right wing extremists for whom promoting pain and death is their daily bread. We shouldn’t allow the false profits to pilfer updated versions of their “trade-off” (legalization for more enforcement) policy, for to do so will only reproduce more of the tragedy of the kind found in the video.

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