Lou Dobbs for New Jersey Governor?

June 13, 2008


CNN host Lou Dobbs is considering a bid for New Jersey Governor, according to this story in the Star Ledger. “Several well-connected Republicans say they’ve heard the buzz that Dobbs, famous for his sharp commentary about Washington policies and politics, may be turning his sights on Trenton and has inquired about the steps necessary to start a campaign” says the Ledger’s Josh Margolin.

Dobbs, who was also rumored to be considering a presidential bid, did little to dissipate the rumors swirling around a possible gubernatorial bid. Asked to deny the rumors were true, Dobbs responded, “I’m just not going to comment.”

More on this as it develops.

5 Responses to “Lou Dobbs for New Jersey Governor?”

  1. ross monzones Says:

    blynes, that was the funniest site i’ve seen. dobbs really tried to use the media to advance his personal ambition. As everyone knows, immigration issue is tops if not the only “news” this “journalist” like to air at CNN.

  2. Ted Evans Says:

    Let’s hope he runs for NJ Governor and then President…

    Ted Evans (Cape May, NJ)

  3. guy Says:

    Lou Dobbs will surly get the hispanic vote in new jersey.im sure dobbs will make immigration in jersey a big issure.cnn needs to fire the bigot.hispanics in nj need to organize aganist any dobbs effort to run for gov.

  4. man Says:

    I think Lou will do a great job as the Gov. of NJ. He will get things back to where they should be instead of bringing in the illegals and make our country more corrupt, just they have done with their’s. Our government needs to wake up before it is too late.

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