In An Absolut World, Latinos Have Drunken Dreams of (Re)Conquista

April 8, 2008

In this image released by the Mexican advertising firm of Teran/TBWA ...

This ad, which was yanked by Absolut following threats of a boycott, speaks for itself and inspires but a brief comment: If you’re going to drink (I hardly do because of the violence and rape and colonial self-hatred and misplaced coping and genocide and conquest drinking inspires -and masks), do so safely, with your values attached to your dollars. The world should be free of racism and other Absolute(s). Also, please note the error in the ad: coloring the southwest U.S. green instead of coloring over Canada with the sandy pastiches of the decadent empire drunkenly searching for the cheap wine of manufactured enemies with which to wash down the Viagra of “new frontiers”. And note how the Absolut invasion is being launched from the dark brown revolutionary shores of Venezuela.

We are neither drunk nor dreaming when we work to make the world less inebriated with the spirits of empire.

4 Responses to “In An Absolut World, Latinos Have Drunken Dreams of (Re)Conquista”

  1. adriana Says:

    The alcohol industry has a history of these kinds of advertisements targetting the Latino population. Keep an eye out in the weeks leading to 5 de Mayo, and you will see how they really crank up the offensiveness while trying to sell misery.

    Budweiser, Cuervo, and Corona are particularly bad.

  2. […] Others may recall how, in the 80’s and 90’s, the long lost Decades of the “Hispanic”, many turned local street fairs across the Southwest into the larger, corporate-sponsored, alcohol-drenched festivals whose ghost we can still see today. The proud proclamations of culture and political struggle previously embodied by “Viva el Cinco de Mayo” gave way to the “Hispanic pride” contained in slogans like Budweiser’s “Viva la ReBudlucion!” or Absolut Vodka’s more recent racist -and ultimately failed-attempt to cash in on culture with i… […]

  3. Mexican Says:

    This has nothing to do with you gringo, in an “absolut world” the stupid mexican president would never have given the US half of our territory. No one is trying to insult you, no one is trying to piss you off, it’s the same thing as if in the ad for the pillow wars, all the companies that make guns would boycott the brand just because they’re not being recognized for all their hard work. get over it

  4. Canadian Says:

    I agree with Mexican, it was an ad meant as a comedy. A COMEDY. You need to find something a little better to bitch about, like maybe how to fix your economy.

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