New Category: Barbarianisms and Other Babel

April 7, 2008

Empowering Your Community, Beginning with Family and Friends (BK Currents)

Today, a great poet and a new friend conspired with personal challenges to force me to bow again before the sublime altar of Words. Reading these words by Lawrence Ferlinghetti turned on the Ancient Lamp of Lyricism I’d left fallow for so, so long:

you can conquer the conquerors with words

I committed my life to words because I believe what Ferlinghetti says is possible-and necessary.

After turning over this gift tortilla several times in the still-blazing stove of the mind, I came home to read a message from Roberto Vargas, a new friend who put his own shamanic sounds down in his new book, Family Activism: Empowering Your Community, Beginning with Family and Friends. Roberto’s description of his book included a call to “be the change we desire in the world beginning with ourselves and our closest relationships.”

Then, the wine press of Roberto’s and Ferlinghetti’s words squeezed these thoughts from this ripening bald brown barbarian grape of a man,

I’m reminded of what I’ve often said: that, in a country so gripped by the pathologies of war, hate and domination, being truly healthy is one of the most radical acts one can undertake. And, as I get older, as the country grows sicker, these words ring even truer and louder.

Whether you find my words sweet, woody or sour, I offer them up as a toast to those of you kind enough to indulge and honor us with a even a drop of consciousness.

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