Time Magazine Declares “Immigration: No Correlation With Crime”

February 29, 2008

 A Los Angeles Police Department leads a man suspected of kidnapping to a patrol car.

This one just in from the Pathetically Obvious Truths Department: Time magazine has, in its most recent issue, discovered that, as far as immigrants go, there is no “No Correlation With Crime”.

I know: “Hey Lovato, chill out; We need these kinds of victories however small and obvious they may be.” And those of you who’d tell me this would be right. But it is, I believe, a measure of how deep the swamp of immigration politics is that we -and our adversaries- define the parameters of what constitutes a “victory”. It’s like those of us on the immigrant rights front have been so beaten down by the anti-migrant political moment that we adopt a Pavlovian approach to happiness: the absence or minimization of sadness and pain.

OK. Thanks for hearing the rant.

This piece from Time is actually a very important article, one we should be use as we push the anti-migrant boulder up the mountain of fear. And, despite it all, I really am ready and looking forward to looking down that mountain towards the verdant (verde que te quiero verde) Valley of Hope, a valley that was there long before the well-meaning gentrifyers from Obamamania showed up and tried to buy up land that predates and runs deeper than their suburbs and dorms.

I spent a lot of time walking through a Noreaster today and could hear the sprinkles of spring in the air.

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