WBAI Interview About Obama and “Progressivism”

January 11, 2008

This just in from New York’s own WBAI. Check out this interview on Wakeup Call. Host Mario Murillo queries historian Gerald Horne, political scientist Valeria Sinclair-Chapman and yours truly about how “progressives” should deal with Barack Obama. Together, I think we brought a broader context to discussion about Obama, “change” and “hope”; We talked about such things as the historical context for Obamania, gender and Obama/Clinton and the geopolitical and economic context for the rise of populist, liberal pols like Obama, Clinton and Edwards.

Hope you like it!

2 Responses to “WBAI Interview About Obama and “Progressivism””

  1. Magbana Says:

    Thanks so much for the WBAI show featuring you and Gerald Horne. My husband and I listened to it this evening. It’s too bad that this show cannot be aired more broadly throughout this country.

    If you haven’t read these already, I highly recommend the following two articles from “The Black Commentator.” Excellent an insightful.

    OBAMA AND THE AMERICAN DREAM: REPRESENT OUR RESISTANCE by Dr. Lenore J. Daniels http://www.blackcommentator.com/259/259_represent_our_resistance_obama_american_dream.html


    I notice that you list Global Voices on your blog as a recommended site. I have noticed that they are increasingly relying on reactionary bloggers and the right-wing discourse is pervasive especially in the Latin America and Caribbean section. I got so fed up with it I started a second blog (in addition to the one above that focuses on Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela) that is called Global Voices Censored to “respond” to the relentless bashing by right-wingers. Anyway, just curious if you have noticed this trend on Global Voices.

    Again, thanks for posting the radio program.


  2. robvato Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I have friends at and read both Black Commentator and Black Agenda Report. As far as Global Voices, I like some – not all- of the posts and links. We should be reading right-leaning stuff anyway. And thanks for the link to your site. Saludos,


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