Chatterati In Heat Over Lou Dobbs Presidential Bid. And Let Us Hope He Runs

January 8, 2008

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Today’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ), CNN and the spinning class at large are abuzz with the possibility of a Lou Dobbs Presidential bid. This piece in the WSJ is pretty typical of what the chatterati are saying.

The depths of despair among “disaffected” (and overwhelmingly white) voters is palpable and a Dobbs candidacy may be just the electoral Viagra they need, according to one William Gheen, one of those “grassroots” racists the mainstream media can’t seem to get enough of.

“At this point, Dobbs is the only man in the country that would have a shot at making a historic independent run, and winning,” says William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, an influential grass-roots group that favors strict enforcement of immigration laws, a favorite subject of Mr. Dobbs’s.

I for one wholeheartedly endorse a Dobbs candidacy if only because it will raise awareness of the issue in a more pointed way than even Tom Nobody-Can-Out-Anti-Immigrant-Me Tancredo. Really. Dobbs will force Obama and McCain to adopt more definite positions. But that’s less important than the effect such a bid might have among certain segments of the populace.

Among the groups most needing to wake up to the Dobbsian zietgeist are Latino and other immigrants themselves.

Reflecting what appears to be a huge and strategic chasm between many immigrant rights leaders and the immigrants communities they allegedly lead, most Latino immigrants in the United States have no idea who Lou Dobbs, their most powerful and telegenic adversary, is.

Most immigrants can pick out Tancredo, their toupee’d arch nemesis, from a line up, but most can’t identify the more dapper Dobbs. Spanish language media doesn’t talk about Dobbs and immigrant rights activists spend lots of time defending against and cursing him – en Ingles. And CNN en Espanol doesn’t dare turn him into a crossover star lest they risk losing advertising en Espanol. So, people like my parents, my cousins and most documented and undocumented immigrants I know haven’t an inkling what Lou Dobbs means.

Let us hope he runs.

2 Responses to “Chatterati In Heat Over Lou Dobbs Presidential Bid. And Let Us Hope He Runs”

  1. Dan Howard Says:

    Let’s see here, William Gheen is a ‘grassroots racist’ ??

    Mr. Lavato, when did you finally complete your 8th grade education? And where might I add?

    Gheen, along with me, and MILLIONS of other Americans want U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton brought up on charges and Border Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos PARDONED. And we are supposed to be racists?

    How about opening your eyes for a change and acknowledging the motto of La Raza… you know, translation in English of “THE RACE”. Yes, their motto is: For the RACE, everything. For all others, nothing. How much more racist could a group of people be with a mottor like that?

    Oh, and I’m a DAMN GOOD FRIEND of the HONORABLE TOM TANCREDO. He is an American Patriot, he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, and he damn sure doesn’t wear a toupee. He’s said it a million times just like me and all the others…. THIS WAR IS NOT ABOUT RACE STUPID !!! It’s about RULE OF LAW ! We could care less what color anyone’s skin is, but rather that they come here LEGALLY and then ASSIMILATE once they do get here. Leave the Mexican flag at home, say the pledge of allegiance, sing the Star Spangled Banner in ENGLISH, drive with insurance, and WITHOUT ALCOHOL in your bloodstream, and tell your pedophile countrymen to stay home! We have enough problems of our own in this country with citizen lawbreakers. The last thing we need more of is a bunch of racist pedophiles crawling across or borders with no intention of honoring OUR LAWS. And, that means our CHILD PROTECTION LAWS. Mexico has the LOWEST AGE OF CONSENT OF ANY NATION IN THE WORLD….. yes, a Mexican can screw a 12-year-old child and it can be considered to be CONSENSUAL SEX. And you all try to say we are out of line when we keep reading about these 40 year old illegal alien Mexicans that are raping 11, 12, 13 YEAR OLD KIDS??? GIVE ME A BREAK YOU MORON!

    If you are white, black, brown, yellow, red, or GREEN…. you get here legal? Welcome Aboard! If not, then GET GONE!


    P.S. Lou Dobbs for President! Tom Tancredo for Homeland Security Chief !!

  2. Bill Jamison Says:

    I prided mysel,f on not being racist my entire life. From my first exposure to non Indian kids in grade school, through a career as a police officer. The Mexican race along with it’s avid supporters demanding we become part of Mexico has unfortunately turned my tide at age 60.
    Hearing stories of all your fine upstanding citizenry who come up here, lower OUR wages, overrun OUR hospital ERs, collect OUR food stamps and send the money back home has made me not very friendly to “La Raza” (THE race….as your folks call it).
    We do NOT think it is part of OUR culture to drive drunk, hit and kill innocent people and flee to Mexico, we do NOT think it is O.K. to have the police called to our homes due to a puppy screaming because one of your citizens is screwing a PUPPY! When asked why this low rent son of a bitch said “what’s the problem, it’s MY puppy.” That in Florida.
    Overall I avoid Mexican restauarants now, do not acknowledge Mexican people and hoppe the hell you ALL go back to your homeland and take Rob Pazos of UniVision with you.
    I have to say at this point in my life, I don’t want you here even legally, find another garbage language talking country.
    Have a lousy day anti American punk.

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