“Sound Familiar?” Clip of Talk About How Immigrants are Helping Build the (New) Police State

December 29, 2007

This clip comes to us from the folks at the Brecht Forum and is part of a longer talk about how immigrants are (again…much of this is not new) being used to justify the construction of another Byzantine state policing apparatus. In other words, the talk was about how immigrants are helping the government do one of the things it does best: spend our taxes on building massive security bureaucracies, in this case domestic policing and security bureaucracies like the Department of Homeland Security.

The “sound familiar?” question you’ll keep hearing refers to parallels between what previous elites -Federalists during post-Revolutionary period build-up of state bureaucracy & anti-immigrant “Red Scare” rationalization that led to the birth of the FBI- did and what todays’s national security elites (politicos, bureaucucrats, military-industrial corporations, etc.) are doing.

And yeah, that’s what I kinda look and sound like though the camera (and editors) digitally deleted my hair.

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