How to Reform the Electoral Process: Deny Corporations Citizenship

December 20, 2007

Billion Dollar President

With all the drama building up to next year’s presidential election, the issue of electoral reform has and should also taken on some urgency, especially when we consider that it costs a billion dollars to elect a U.S. president ( answer for yourself if we (or his corporate sponsors) got our money’s worth with GW).

In reponse to these concerns, WNYC and Public Radio International launched a new daily morning radio show, Your Billion Dollar President, which explores issues behind the 08 Presidential elections and airs daily on several public radio stations across the country.

Hosts John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji ask guests and listeners a simple, but indelicate question: how do we fix our broken billion dollar electoral system?

My indelicate answer? Deny citizenship, legal personhood to corporations, something that has more than 100 years of legal and political precedent.

Prior to the late 1800’s, when the laws defining corporate personhood were first introduced, federal and state legislatures regularly revoked the charters and redistributed the assets of corporations that harmed the public good. My brief answer to the question of how to fix the political system is to bring back the “corporate death penalty”. Check out “Episode 2” at the Billion Dollar President site.

I’ll be delving further into this one in coming months. Support the death penalty -and apply it to corporations.

2 Responses to “How to Reform the Electoral Process: Deny Corporations Citizenship”

  1. bsananda Says:

    Yes, the 14th amendment must be changed to include the word: natural(person)

    Then, corporate charters must be all re-written.

  2. euandus3 Says:

    I agree. The artificial legal personhood was recently questioned by Ginsberg (and Sotomeyer)…and related free speech right. Sadly, they are a minority on the court. I have a post on this though I’m sorry I don’t have the link to paste here.

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