NPR Interview: Blacks, Latinos and What Divides and Unites Us

November 17, 2007



If I do say so myself, I sound rancid, tired in this interview with Maria Hinojosa on NPR’s Latino USA. Thankfully, my New America Media colleague, Earl Ofari Hutchison, doesn’t. Still,there’s something there, especially in areas Earl & I agree on like the need to bust out of the box of “black-Latino tensions” that defines much reporting around the issues. Hope you like it despite tu servidor’s putrid performance.

2 Responses to “NPR Interview: Blacks, Latinos and What Divides and Unites Us”

  1. Jesus Sierra (Jay) Says:

    As I heard the interview in particular as it relates to education, it became evident to me the impact that the current immigration issues are having in fragmenting minorities in this country, particularly its success in framing the differences between minorities born in this country versus those born somewhere else and now legally residing in the US.

  2. robvato Says:

    Yeah, the media and politicos need to sow this content of discontent, these kinds of divisions. Otherwise, it becomes even more obvious what they do for a living: nada.


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