Spitzer’s Latest Debacle: Democrats Offer no License to Hope

November 15, 2007

Let me step a little closer to any of you reading this by getting a little less anonymous. Please excuse me if I’m out of virtual character today.

But I’m here at my parent’s house dealing with a family crisis that forces one to hunker down and dig deep; the kind of crisis that, if you let it, let’s you know what you fear – and what you believe in.

Viewed through this lens, news of the good intentions, vacillations and, now, spinelessness of Democrats like Elliot Spitzer take on a ghoulish and cartoonish glow.

Why do some persist in placing their hope in the Democratic party? If you’re dejected, depressed and down about this latest let down, then look at yourself, not the Democrats. Really. They, like the Republicans, respond to a higher God; not the one my cousins and mother are praying without ceasing to and not the God that raises gigantic sums of money to campaign via “churches” for the candidates of the Apocalypse, but Mammon, Lord of Avarice, King of All Greedy Kings, better known as big capital.

As I’ve often said, George W. Bush must be embraced as nothing less than a cosmic gift, a Shiva-like slayer of illusions. The political system was broken long before Bush. Now, the economic egg has cracked too. Cheney and he simply put to rest any notions that this political system is fair, just or even real. Some of you sound like you believed the first siren on the rock of Clintonism.

As the era of obvious evil wanes, we will bear the brunt if we (again) swallow the blue pill of faith in the Democrats. We, no one else. This is why, in this space, I try to point to places I find hope.

The folks in the anti-immigrant camp send me long, angry and now celebratory letters telling me “Looks like you’re fighting a lost cause” and the like.

Problem is, I don’t place and haven’t, for some time, placed my hope in Donald Duck, Santa Clause and Scooby Doo or their imitators in electoral politics. I hope this will change, but, until that time, I place my hope for change in a land far, far beyond Mordor, Crytpon and Washington, DC.

The coming failure of the Democrats, whichever one of them becomes President (global capital cannot afford another angry white male to rile the planetary zeitgeist any further; so, it’s a Democratic horse race if only to unleaven the already unmanageable effects white man’s burden worldwide…more on this later), will clear the way for hope to flourish more organically, more in line with the cosmic forces (as opposed to the forces of big capital) that put the Red and Blue illusions before us in the first place. We need to deal with these partys on our terms.

If there’s hope, it really does lie with what we ourselves can do. When more of us do this (and many more are), the diseased political parties will move in line with of get out of the way of what the planet wants and needs: health.

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