Beyond Immigration Reform(ism): Direct Action Against the Wall

November 12, 2007

Rather than resurrect the decaying body of “immigration reform(ism)”, activists in Southern California have taken an important step toward an living alternative: direct action.

Concerned about the relentless environmental and human degradation (an important connection to make) wrought by the policies embodied in the border Wall, a group calling itself “No Borders! Earth First!” took its concerns to one of the many economic interests benefiting from Wall politics: wall builders. According this post on the Indybay media center site ,

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 11, a group calling themselves “No Borders! Earth First!” sent a clear message to the El Centro office of Granite Construction Company: Their continued construction of the US-Mexico border wall will not be accepted. The activists hung one banner reading “Save the San Pedro!” on Granite Construction’s entrance gate, and another reading “Stop Building a Wall of Death” was unfurled from the company’s roof. Activists also wheat-pasted a message to the company to the front door, demanding that they halt construction on seven miles of border wall that will cut through the San Pedro National Conservation Area in the Southern Arizona desert. Locks on the front door and entrance gate were jammed with glue, and the gate was immobilized with epoxy.

Expect local, state and federal authorities and their right wing -and “mainstream” echo chamber to make a loud, visible example of “No Borders! Earth First!”- whether or not they catch them. Also expect Democrats and DC groups to denounce these tactics too. Like boycotts, work stoppages and other direct actions, such bold initiatives do what DC-based immigration reform doesn’t: remind us it’s the (immigrant-industrial) economy, stupid.

Think what you will of them, these kinds actions point directly at and foreground the vast and growing ecology of parasitic interests feeding off the the hunted immigrant living and the desert dead; These kinds of offensive actions alter and take us beyond the Wall politics of the right and their defensive liberal enablers.

Que Muera el Muro de la Muerte!

More to follow on this important development!

4 Responses to “Beyond Immigration Reform(ism): Direct Action Against the Wall”

  1. Bruce Dixon Says:

    The US has had a culture of political passivity for too long. Discussing, disseminating news of and taking direct action are the antidotes. Getting the news out on direct actions that DO occur is essential.

    Still, many North Americans have bought so deeply into the dehumanization of immigrants that their deaths don’t even register on any moral scale. It will take a lot of work to reach those who can still be reached.


  2. […] As predicted in this post yesterday, authorities have violently attacked anti-border protesters. According to San Diego Indy Media, […]

  3. Nancy F. Drew Says:

    Keep it up….then we can finally get to the part where you declare an open war on Americans. It will be one of the bloodiest conflicts America has ever seen.

  4. Granite Says:

    Very interesting post you wrote. Glad I have stumbled upon it. Cheers!

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