October 14, 2007


Though it repeats some things written in previous posts, this piece I wrote for the Nation’s website describes how many different Latino agendas -regional, environmental, immigration-focused and others-are converging towards the creation of a new agenda, one that’s more integrated, global and less corporate than that of Latino organizations I think you know and are tired of. You know, the ones that have paid professionals whose job it is to be and speak for Latinos.


  1. dorinda Says:

    just a shout out, good to visit your blog, have joined with bloggers group after knocking around the immigration egroup lists and developing an archive of immigration news information hopefully for data base and mass response resource development. painfully slow, as we can’t afford ourselves. but, you just keep putting it out there. i did my share of outreach for congreso but couldn’t attend. lots going on as usual.
    lets conspire against ‘the end game’. have you written on this?

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