October 12, 2007

During this interview with Larry King, former Mexican President Vicente Fox appears to advocate open borders, albeit a top-down version lead by hemispheric and global elite interests:

Such statements promoting Fox’s rather garishly titled new book, Revolution of Hope, are causing the Bush Administration to cringe as they issue statements clarifying that they don’t “think that that’s something we’re actively considering.” Fox and the Bush are giving Lou Dobbs and former Swift Boater-turned closed border activist, Jerome Corsi even more fodder for their futile efforts to build Fortress America.

This should be watched, especially by those of us lacking any vision beyond the border walls. This causes me to ask “If Vicente Fox and Lou Dobbs have positions about this, what is the ‘progressive position’ with regard to regional integration?” Is there an alternative to the top down or closed border vision? Though we’ve not yet articulated such an alternative, at least some of us are shortcircuiting Fox and others efforts to give credibility to the continuation of the top-down politica that’s ruined so many lives, including that of murdered New York media activist, Brad Will, and Mexican activists repressed by Fox and his successor, Felipe Calderon.

Please remember to dream beyond the walls of civilized discourse.


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