October 5, 2007


Drug Enforcement authorities in Australia conducted a massive raid in which they nabbed a man identified as a “drug-smuggling-immigrant-gang-terrorist” by US officials and anti-immigrant organizations.

While it may be new to the Aussies, we here in the states know the profile all-too-well: the thick black mustache, the brown skin, the big nariz, the cheap tennis shoes and that deceptive smile- all of them a front for what’s really inside- ecstasy. Though authorities declined to say the nationality of the mustachioed culprit, known only as “Senor Papa”, anonymous sources say that the suspect hails from El Salvador or Mexico.

Let’s hope the Aussies, our loyal allies in Iraq, learn from us and start Walling off the island as they declare war on these cartoonish fiends.

For more information, see this story in Australia’s Age newspaper.

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