September 11, 2007

As you ingest the flag-waving sobriety of the real and false tragedy (you decide which is which) of 9-11, try to remember what it used to be like to live in a society that wasn’t a perpetual psychological operation (psyops), a process by which which church, state, corporations, the Pentagon seamleessly and perpetually integrate subtle and not-so-subtle reminders that we are united in an apocalytpic war like the ones analyzed in this video by filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron & writer Naomi Klein:

While I appreciate the exploration of psyops and their relationship to trade and other “neoliberal” policies, I thought that it lacked the same critique of the domestic contours of empire severely lacking in Chomsky, Parenti and other, mostly white, definers and critics of the imperial. All to say, remember 9-11 by looking within too.

One Response to “REMEMBER 9-11, THE DAY WE BECAME A 24/7 PSYOP”

  1. teoballve Says:

    I agree with your critique about internal colonialism being overlooked in the advertisement for her book, particularly considering the “remaking” of New Orleans post-Katrina. Unsurprisingly, the Heritage Foundation had a huge tome on hand outlining how the city should be rebuilt immediately after the flooding. Though left out of the film, I bet this domestic aspect is something she takes up in the new book.

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