September 8, 2007

One in a series of occasional installments about that barely-blogged, much maligned and extremely elusive something that big media and their corporate sponsors can’t report on: HOPE.


(taken this week in Peru by an AP photographer)

Though still flying among us in the smoggy air of our making and though, for hundreds, thousands of years, they brought inspiration to and edified Mayan, Hindu and other civilizations that time will soon prove breathed longer than our own, most of us never bother to notice our still flapping friend, the Hummingbird. A symbol of the warrior spirit, of joy, of happiness and other freely available gifts, the Hummingbird, it is said, flaps fastest as the sun rises.

Don’t know about you, but, after another week of flapping to keep the relentless smog of of this civilization’s bad news at bay, breathing in, gazing at this pic of a colibri (hummingbird) while I meditate on the following quote by virtuoso poet Rabindranath Tagore gives an essential buzz, sooths and brings out the best of the barbarian in me:

“Faith is the Bird that feels the Light when the dawn is still dark.”

Keep flapping. Despite what they daily and always tell you, it’s not too late.


  1. Caro Says:

    Ah yes, the hummingbird, colibrí, picaflor, zumbador and so on. Saw some in Pie de la Cuesta when I was there. That’s how I knew it was a good place.

  2. robvato Says:

    Pie de la Cuesta? Sounds far and relaxing. I used to wake up, go on the front porch of my Echo Park apartment and watch them buzz around the cactus and other flowers when I lived in Los (Angeles). NYC needs more cacti – and colibris, especially in winter. R

  3. Jose Says:

    The feeling is mutual.

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