August 31, 2007



While done professionally, thoughtfully, this interview on NPR’s Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa of NOW will likely not endear us to the Latino and other powers that be:


  1. jim.broshar Says:

    way to go Tito — you tackle the tough questions. Has W intentionally been using minorities to do his dirty work — Colin Powell, Condi Rice and now Gonzales?

  2. robvato Says:

    Hola Jim. What do you think? Of course, only I think Rove plays the eminence grise in this tragedy. I’ve interviewed the Tejano guy who’s Rove’s friend and who engineered both Bush II’s and Reagan’s Latino strategy. This is why “old school ethnic politics” can be backward and quite dangerous. T

  3. Bruce Dixon Says:

    Merciless interrogation of black and brown faces in high places is an absolutely vital project right now. You said it right, Rob.

    For our part we at Black Agenda Report will be in DC for the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual feat of self-congratulation, only on September 26 we’ll be handing out the Lawn Jockey Awards, named in honor of the famous 1993 Emerge Magazine cover in which George Curry depicted Clarence Thomas as “Lawn Jockey For the Far Right.” George himself has agreed to join us and hand out this year’s to the worst four members of the CBC in what we are certain will become an annual event.

    If you’re in DC that night we hope you’ll come and join us. If you do, we might even ask you to come up and say a word about Gonzalez.

    We will also be passing out 10,000 copies of our CBC Monitor Report card to the assembled thousands at the parties and “braintrust” sessions. Maybe somebody needs to issue report cards on the Hispanic caucus before they get as far off track as the CBC.

    Lost your cell number, but send it to me, and let’s talk soon. Good to see you out here visible like this too.

  4. Roberto,

    You spoke the truth about Alberto Gonzalez. Let’s name names – Henry Cisneros endorsed him in the Wall Street Journal! Such is the call of the tribe – and I for one think all the organizations, including Henry who endorsed him, are also complicit by allowing their tribal blindness to be played. Men and women died and were tortured because of Alberto Gonzalez, and those who supported Gonzalez because he was “Hispanic” are also to blame for the dismantling of civil rights today – the very movement that got many of us educated and into the middle class. Democracy requires courage, doesn’t it?

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