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August 31, 2007



While done professionally, thoughtfully, this interview on NPR’s Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa of NOW will likely not endear us to the Latino and other powers that be:

Why We Must Deport Dorothy & Her Band of Migrant Thugs Back to Kansas

August 31, 2007

(Hint: Just look at the ax, the deadly claws, the water pistol and other weapons hidden behind the deceptive smiles)

Of America will give away (yes!) a FREE TRIP TO OZ to the first person who can briefly explain why this report in yesterday’s Kansas City Star is news:


Deportation under way in crackdown on illegal immigrant


The Star’s Jefferson City correspondent

JEFFERSON CITY | The Missouri Highway Patrol’s new policy of checking the immigration status of people who are arrested has resulted in the patrol’s first catch, officials said Thursday.

Jose Guadalupe Delacruz, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was arrested Tuesday by Camden County sheriff’s officials in connection with an alleged assault, the patrol said. The sheriff’s office then contacted the Highway Patrol.

Troopers checked the man’s identity against a federal database and found he was not in the country lawfully, officials said.

They also learned there was a Jackson County warrant for the man’s arrest for allegedly driving after his license had been revoked.

Delacruz is in the Camden County jail awaiting deportation, officials said.

SNIP, SNIP (see rest of article)


The coverage of the arrest of one undocumented person, Mr. Delacruz, for a being involved in an altercation would, in any other large city, be a small blurb at best. And note the decision of the reporter, Mr. Hoover, to use of ‘hunter-hunted’ metaphor inherent in the word “catch” to refer to law enforcement’s arrest of Mr. Delacruz. Hoover’s choice reflects what UCLA linguist Otto Santa Ana says, in his must-read book , Brown Tide Rising: Metaphors of Latinos in Contemporary American Public Discourse, is the “foundational racism against Chicanos and Latinos that has persisted since the late nineteenth century.”


21rst century migrants like Delacruz are landing miraculously in the same heartland where revered 19th century journalist, author and civilizational booster Frank Baum set his The Wizard Oz. Unfortunately, they and most devotees of Dorothy and her amigos have no idea that the yellow brick road was paved with pain and radical antipathy to non-whites in Missouri, Kansas & other Great Plains states. Before penning the Wizard of Oz, Baum, for example, wrote editorials calling for the “extermination” of Indians in the name of “civilization.” And many credit these editorials with helping build momentum for the massacre at Wounded Knee.


In sum, I think that the reason that one arrest of one undocumented person in Kansas makes news, the reason human beings in the heartland can be called a “catch” is because of history, culture and tradition there in the land of Oz.


So, it’s time to deport Dorothy and her motley crew of migrant racist thugs from Oz, Missouri back across the border to Kansas state and throw them in migrant jails, where they should then form part of the chain gang replacing those immigrants leaving the wheat and corn fields to grow their own Oz.

This Just In From the Border Wall: Why the Future is Ours

August 30, 2007


Shout out to Michelle Garcia, who sent this pic fresh from South Tejas, site of one of many border actions this weekend. A darle duro al muro!

Gonzales Did His Job: Defending Against the Death of the American Dream

August 30, 2007


While most of the country -red and blue state, conservative and liberal/progressive- celebrates the “victory” of his resignation, Alberto Gonzales and the elite interests behind him, are holding their own celebrations of his singular accomplishment: laying the legal foundation for unprecedented control of the populace. Scandalized, tongue-lashed and publicly shamed, the migrant’s kid from Humble, Texas may yet have the last laugh as we eventually wake up and realize the depth of the political nightmares this smiley brown embodiment of the American Dream has unleashed. This story I wrote for New America Media tries to interpret the dream/nightmare scenario hidden behind his tragicomic story and Cheshire Cat smile. A case study in how the “civilizing” effect of the American Dream hides some hideous stuff.